S01E04: Cannabis, Seniors, and Insomnia

Seniors today are taking an enormous amount of pharmaceuticals to cope with the natural process of aging, and it’s having a terrible effect on their health and quality of life. Could cannabis be the solution to reduce seniors’ dependence on pharmaceuticals while significantly improving their quality of life?

When it comes to myths about sleep, this one refuses to nod off — and stay asleep. Contrary to popular opinion, older people don’t need less sleep than the average person. In fact, adults require about the same amount of sleep from their 20s into old age, although the number of hours per night varies from person to person. But many older adults get much less sleep than they need, for a variety of reasons.

In this episode, we meet Lucy, a now spry 90-year-old who had been counting her days before she got off a brutal mix of pharmaceuticals and was introduced to cannabis medicine by her nurse, Eloise Thiesen (who’s helped 2,500+ seniors). Hear from medical professionals and learn about the unique considerations for seniors.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • What are some issues specific to seniors, both as they experience insomnia but also as their children and caretakers experience it?
  • Why cannabis could be a better solution to help seniors with sleep, pain, anxiety/depression, arthritis, and even stiffness.
  • Special cannabis considerations when dealing with seniors that are unique to this demographic
  • Important drug-to-drug interactions with cannabis and common medications you must understand
  • How to address the fears, concerns, and stigmas that seniors have about using cannabis
  • Specific products and ingestion methods that have been proven to be most effective for seniors
  • Safe dosing practices for the senior population to ensure a positive and effective cannabis experience

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