S01E02: Cannabis, Women, & Insomnia

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom with three kids, two cats, and a dog, or an urban dweller, chances are, you may feel perpetually tired, yet still can’t seem to catch enough zzz’s. Family life, work, kids, social activities — it takes a toll — and, sleep too often can seem to take a back seat.

Throw biology into the mix — like a woman’s menstrual cycle — and insomnia becomes even more common. Sleep problems can make it even harder to get the recommended 7.5 to 8 hours of shut-eye necessary to perform your best.

No wonder, lots of moms are turning to cannabis in place of a nightcap or sleeping pill to help get sleep. “Marijuana mommy” Jessie Gill is one of them: “I was a patient suffering from a number of conditions, including insomnia, but conventional medicine failed me.”

Of course, the last thing you want is to lose sleep over the fact you’re losing sleep. In this episode, hear from Nick Jikomes, Ph.D. on gender differences; Eloise Thiesen, RN on insomnia after menopause, Dr. Kimberly Babson on the prevalence of insomnia in society. Also hear from Dr. Tishler on how to talk to your physician, and Kathy LG Smith, RN on potential patient shaming and advice on your journey.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

  • What are the unique issues and challenges facing women and moms?
  • Common struggles women with insomnia face at the start of their journey and how to overcome them
  • Why may cannabis be a viable treatment option for women?
  • Different strokes for different folks; how to find the best solution for you
  • Clinical/cultural background: What makes women’s issues with insomnia and sleep in general unique?

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